Ayia Napa is undoubtedly the most famous tourist resort of the island. Located at the south eastern end of the island and is known for its nightlife. Every year thousands of tourists (mostly young Northern Europeans) traveling in Ayia Napa with the main purpose to entertain strongly, many times and extremities. The name of the village resulting from the homonymous Venetian monastery located in the central square.


Nightlife in Ayia Napa is the number one reason to visit the young hordes of tourists every year. Within a few years this small village some families went to rest and settle down became a famous place among the communities of the new across Northern Europe (mainly British, Scandinavians and Russians recently), similar to Ibiza, Spain. a Saturday night in London can almost imagine the atmosphere, groups of young people who tend to wear the same clothes out to stroll in order to drink alcohol, teasing each other and dance till you drop Whoever has found. The heart of the party is the central square where are located numerous bars which offer alcohol in packages at better prices than to get the same drinks individually. Since 2010 it takes place and the new festival with famous Greek and foreign artists.


Ayia Napa are some of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Cyprus and all beaches have the blue EU flag for cleanliness and infrastructure. The most famous beach is undoubtedly the beach “Island Bay”, which is usually chock full of people and provides many water sports. Another famous beach, more family-friendly, is the beach “Limanaki” which is one of the longest beaches in Cyprus, certainly the longest in Ayia Napa. Other beaches are the “Lada”, located between the beach Makronissos and Nissi Bay, and the St. Thekla beach got its name from an old church in the area.

Museum “sea”

The municipal museum is dedicated to information on the protection of the marine ecosystem in Cyprus. Located in Ayia Napa and presents objects sea center from prehistory to today. Sculptures, ceramics and paintings of Greek and Cypriot artists housed together with marine fossils and animals aged up to 100 million years. In the Sea museum you will find a replica of an ancient shipwreck found in Kyrenia.

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